A Sustainable Future

Trippas White Group is committed to operating in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way to ensure we minimise carbon emissions output and reduce our environmental footprint.

In 2012, Trippas White Group undertook a review of internal sustainability initiatives with the intention of positioning the business as a leading sustainability-minded entity within the hospitality and tourism industry.


This review identified a range of activities, already in place, that could be capitalised on as part of a broad scale sustainability strategy. These include staff and team engagement through education, widespread customer engagement, a ‘quality food philosophy’, a focus on service reliability and price, a desire to lead industry development, attracting and retaining best talent and the ‘Green Table’ initiative. 


We are committed to integrating sustainability into all aspects of business strategy and operations. Our organisation-wide Sustainability Strategy is aimed at shifting collective commitment towards sustainability from a compliance‐driven approach, to one that is strategically and culturally embedded within the organisation.


Trippas White Group will initiate a Greenhouse Gas Assessment for its entire group of restaurants and related operations in the second half of 2012, delivering a benchmark from which the organisation will establish energy, water and waste diversion targets. Procurement practices will be reviewed and new policies, procedures and practices will enable us to migrate business inputs towards more sustainable alternatives, working with supply chain partners throughout the process.


Trippas White Group will also include corporate social responsibility within the scope of our sustainability activity. Accordingly, we are establishing a range of participatory methods to enable stakeholders and employees to engage in sustainability activity, and drive sustainability innovation and organisational change.